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Charitable Registration Number: 85611 4640 RR0001 Program Summary Children's & Youth Arts Program ArtHeart provides over 200 scheduled Children's and Youth’s Art workshops throughout the year. This program runs after-school, from 3:30-5:00 pm, and throughout the summer, year-round, for participants ages 5 -16. Over 264 children and youth attend the program throughout the year. Each workshop has an attendance of 20-30 participants. Children’s and Youth’s Arts is a non-judgemental program in which arts education is combined with mentorship and support that fosters a sense of achievement and builds self-confidence. Participants are motivated to explore their innate creativity and express themselves artistically. ArtHeart offers a vast array of visual arts opportunities including painting, drawing, print-making, ceramics, sculpture, fabric arts, photography, media arts and much more. Program curriculum is planned and includes, for inspiration, exposure to the work of emerging and well-known artists. This program includes in-house dances and celebrations for holidays such as Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. Through partnerships with other organizations, ArtHeart’s children and youth take part in different artistic disciplines such as music, theatre, and dance. Homework support is provided, as needed. ArtHeart runs a summertime visual arts day-camp for children and youth involving studio time, snacks and refreshments and cultural and recreational field trips. Adult Art's Program The Adults’ Arts program runs year-round, on average twice per week for a 3-hour workshop for participants of all skill levels. More than 193 different participants attend throughout the year and about 30 participants attend each workshop. Scheduled art classes are offered weekly which focus on the use of different materials and creative techniques. Meals and refreshments are served at each workshop. Participants also have access to computers, instruction in digital arts, and a telephone. In the spirit of “self-help”, participants are encouraged to keep the studio in good order, assist with meals, and clean up. Our goal is to create a safe space for people to get together and make art. We also provide peer advocacy to help participants deal with some of the issues they face, including tenant harassment, illegal eviction, human rights complaints and acquiring assisted mobility devices. Art Exhibits ArtHeart presents art exhibits up to 6 times a year at venues across Toronto. The purpose is to take our children, youth, and adult participants through the process of creating, presenting, and marketing their artwork so they can benefit from the knowledge that other people enjoy their work and that there is a chance to earn money from the sales. The exhibits also reflect positively on the Regent Park community as they provide opportunity for dialogue with patrons from across the city. Venues include: Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, The Show Gallery and Jet Fuel Coffee Shop. Cultural & Recreational Field Trips As a complement to our studio and workshop activities and to expand horizons, ArtHeart provides participants with cultural and recreational field trip opportunities throughout the year. These field trips are welcome opportunities as our participants, on the whole, cannot afford admission or transportation costs. We visit attractions such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Brick Works, the cinema, Cirque du Soleil, and more. We also go on sketching trips. ArtHeart also takes part in several city-wide festivals and fairs including, Luminato – Toronto Festival of Arts and Creativity, Multi-Cultural Harvest Festival, Block-o-Rama, and the Cabbagetown Festival. Digital Arts ArtHeart’s Computer Lab is very popular resource for many of our participants, young and old, who would otherwise have only limited access to computers. The Lab consists of 8 -10 computers, a scanner, printers, digital cameras and a movie camera. Professional instruction and peer support is offered in basic to advanced skill levels, in internet usage, blog and website design, movie editing, digital camera use, Photoshop, how to stay safe online, graphic arts, animation, maintenance and repair of computers, how to set up email accounts, and how to combine modern media technologies with traditional arts mediums of drawing, painting, and photography. Participants can contribute to ArtHeart’s online gallery and help upload images onto the ArtHeart blog. They can make greeting cards, do homework, work on projects, and use educational programs. Participants have access to email, Skype, and open source software. No Starving Artists! Food Program ArtHeart serves healthy snacks and refreshments yearly, at each and every program workshop throughout the year during our Children’s and Youth’s Arts workshops after-school and on field trips in the summertime. ArtHeart serves hot meals, as well as snacks and refreshments during each and every program workshop throughout the year during our Adults’ Arts Program. There is sensitivity to dietary preferences such as Halal and vegetarian cuisines. Vegetables, meat and fruit as well as packaged foods are donated by the Daily Bread Food Bank, Second Harvest and Ace Bakery. Staff and volunteers are trained in Safe Food Handling, and seasonal health inspections are made at ArtHeart’s community kitchen and dining area. Staff also provide mentorship to participants in healthy and safe food preparation. Weekend Family Arts Drop-in This new program will bring families from Regent Park together for weekend art workshops. Family members, from toddlers to seniors, can attend this unique program. Participants will have the opportunity to create art in a collaborative spirit using a range of art materials and techniques. This program will strengthen the cultural fabric of our community by allowing an opportunity for intergenerational learning and sharing. As with all of our programs, a healthy snacks and refreshments will be provided. Youth Employment & Arts Educational Project This program employs ten (10) local youth part-time with employment skills training, workshops and hands-on experience throughout the year. At ArtHeart opportunities will include job readiness training, life skills, leadership development, mentorship and career awareness in an environment that challenges participants to realize their full potential. The program increases the ability of youth to earn and maintain a living while teaching appropriate attitudes and behavior needed in the workplace. During the training the youth will work within ArtHeart’s Children’s and Youth’s Arts Program to gain direct work experience. The last day of programming for the school year is June 29th.




ProgramWho Can AttendTimeStart DateEnrollment Process 
Childrens Afterschool Drop InAges 5 to 15Please call for times and days. Drop by the studio to register your child. Children need to be registered prior to or on the first day they attend. 
Adult Visual Arts ProgramOver 16Please call for times and days Complete registration form on first visit 
Family Arts Drop InAll AgesPlease call for times and days Complete registration form on first visit 
Seniors Visual Arts ProgramOver 55Please call for times and days Complete registration form on first visit